BARformula are Oil Palm Bioremediation specialists. Using proprietary advanced microbiological technology we convert 100% of an oil palm mill’s biomass and effluent.

The Science 1:

What the Master Planter sees.

Take the first steps to learning the basics of Earth to Earth Oil Palm Production for the 21st century.

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The Science 2:

Secrets of the Soil.

The linkages between soil organisms and soil functions are observed to be incredibly complex. The interconnectedness and complexity of this soil food web means any appraisal of soil function must necessarily take into account interactions with the living communities that exist within the soil.

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The Science 3:

19 Advantages of Earth to Earth Oil Palm Production.

What every Palm Oil owner should know about maximising his crop potential value.

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The Science 4:

The Future of Oil Palm is a Billion Year Old Technology.

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The Science 5:

The Heart of Our Microbiology.

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The Science 6:

A Beginner’s Guide To Composting.

It is Nature’s own method for sustainability. We learnt how to do it faster.

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The Science 7:

When Ponds go Bad.

Nothing a little oxygen and the right bacteria will not fix.

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The Science 8:

Deeper Into the Science.

A guide for the truly curious into BARformula Technology.

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The Science 9:

Making Dollars and Sense.

In the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Heinz Stichnothe and Frank Schuchardt study a comparison of different treatment options for palm oil production waste on a life cycle basis.

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The Science 10:

EFB Mulching, Cause for a Rethink?

The answer lies in the C:N ratio.

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The Science 11:

MSPO : A New Standard

Malaysia targets 5 Million tonnes of certified oil to Europe by 2019.

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The Science 12:

The Anatomy of Environmental Fraud.

The anti-palm oil scams of Greenpeace and FOE by Linda Everett of

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The Company 1:

Welcome To Tomorrow

By Prathapan Pillai, Managing Director, BARformula

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The Company 2:

A brief introduction.

Presenting the world’s first 100% zero-waste, fully managed nutrient extraction technology for the Oil Palm industry.

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The Company 3:

What we do.

Our research and innovation took an age old problem and transformed it into a solution that continues to save Oil Palm companies millions of dollars in operating costs.

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The Company 4:

Where we are.

In 5 years we have become the world’s leading innovators in waste management and nutrient recovery in the Oil Palm industry. In the very near future, we will see further technological leaps in the field of bioremediation.

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