The Science 6

A Beginner’s Guide To Composting.

It is Nature’s own method for sustainability. We learnt how to do it faster.

Composting by definition is the biodegradation of fibrous materials to create usable forms of nutrients. Decomposition is an integral part of the natural life cycle. The organic compounds from the Oil Palm made up of biomass and effluent is decomposed by the process of oxidation, reduction, and hydrolytic enzymes. The process produces nutrients used by the microorganisms for further breakdown, enabling bacteria to carry on their life processes of growth and reproduction.

The rate of oxidation and biological degradation of organic matter varies within the compost bed. The heat in the composting materials is produced by bacterial activity (biological burning). In BARformula Technology, Process One sustains this critical build-up of heat, significantly reducing the time of composting. As the biomass decomposes and bacterial activity slows down, the compost begins to cool. This biological reduction of organic matter is how compost is produced.