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Microorganisms and their enzyme systems are responsible for many different chemical reactions produced in the degradation of organic matter. The enzymes act as organic catalysts in a biochemical reaction. We designed BARformula Technology to take advantage of the decomposition of organic materials through bacterial activity. This equates to lower costs, increased capacity and an improved quality of effluent; even freedom from bad odours which otherwise result from anaerobic decomposition.

BioLogic is our proprietary blend of enzymatic microbes formulated for Oil Palm biomass and effluent decomposition as well as nutrient recovery. It combines the best strains of microbes formulated to get maximum results for the highly specialized oil palm environment.

The BARformula Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC)

The BARformula Research and Innovation Centre or BRIC houses our production facility with bioreactors capable of fermenting up to 1,800L of bacteria culture per cycle. It also houses solid state fermentation units. The facility exclusively produces, packs, and delivers site-specific microbial inoculum to our compost sites in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our lab facility focuses on the following core areas:

Soil analysis and microbial isolation specific to each potential/existing compost site

Culture Isolation, Preservation and Characterisation & Identification

Fermentation Optimisation

Enhancement of composting efficiencies

Functional properties screening

Quality Assurance and Validation of manufactured biological products

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Good agricultural management supplemented by compost can yield a minimum increase of 1mt FFB/Ha. According to research published in the Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol 25(1) (April 2013), using 10MT/Ha of compost with average nutrients 0.7%N, 0.1%P and 1.1%K, yields climbed by 16% over a span of three years.

For further reading, please refer to the Research Papers Section

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